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What’s that smell???

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Last night around 9:00 p.m., I walked into my apartment to a stench that made me yell, “Lord!!! What’s that smell?” My immediate reaction was to spray Febreeze and light candles. That worked for the moment, but about 10 minutes after I lit the candles and sprayed, the smell reappeared. Then confused, I walked the entire apartment searching for the cause of the stench. I checked the garbages, the refrigerator for expired food, and the laundry room. Neither of those were the cause. Now, kind of frustrated, an extensive search started. Finally, I discovered that the root of the stench was the garbage disposal. I cleaned it using bleach and the smell finally dissipated.

This morning as I was preparing for my uncle’s funeral, that fell in my spirit again, and here’s the revelation I received....

So many times, we try to cover up the things in our lives that do not “smell” good- you know...childhood hurt, betrayals, heart breaks, low self-esteem, losses, rejection, unforgiveness, etc. with temporary things, as I did with the candle and Febreeze....but see, those temporary things can only work for so long. Just as that stench eventually overpowered those candles and Febreeze, that’s how the those things in our lives that do not smell good do as well, destroying anything we connect with, keeping us in bondage and going in circles, repeating cycles.

Money won’t fix it.

Expensive clothes won’t fix it.

House and cars won’t fix it.

Another relationship won’t fix it.

Sex won’t fix it.

Drinking, smoking, and partying won’t fix it.

...and pretending it’s not there won’t fix it.

Until we deal with the cause, THE ROOT, we will never get any relief. What has a STENCH in your life that you need to deal with? Have a honest conversation with you. Give up the temporary fixes and let God help you deal with those things. It is His desire that you walk in the healing and freedom. ❤️

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