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You are NOT Exempt

We add stress to our stress because we think we are not supposed to be stressed. 

Say this with me- I AM HUMAN! 

That is what I had to learn, and most importantly, accept. Not that I ever thought I was not human, but I was reared in a household with two older brothers. I unintentionally learned to be tough, to not show emotions, to not cry, to “suck it up” and get on with life. 

Later in life, I quickly realized that I had to unlearn that. I had to become okay with not being okay all the time. 

I do not care how strong you think you are, you will encounter stress. You will find yourself frustrated. You will have days where you are overwhelmed. You will experience disappointments. You will experience hurt and pain. And contrary to what we have been told, we will have days where God WILL put more on us than we can bear because He wants us to depend on Him. 

That is a part of LIFE…and as soon as we accept that “bad” days are a part of LIFE, we can start the journey of overcoming our feelings. We can start the journey of controlling our emotions and not allowing those emotions to control us. 

You are NOT exempt.

Even Jesus experienced frustration, stress, and anguish. What makes us think we are not supposed to as well.

Before Jesus was betrayed, He felt feelings He did not want to feel, but the difference maker is what Jesus did what those feelings.

He did not lash out or curse anybody out.

He did not become angry with the world.

He did not turn to temporary things and people to distract Him from His feelings. 

Instead, He turned to God. 

In Luke 22:42, Jesus prayed, “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me, yet I want YOUR will to be done, not mine.”


That is what we must do. Turn to God. Jesus understood that what He was experiencing was bigger than Himself. He was not prideful. He did not try to “fix” His own situation. He also understood that God’s will was bigger than what He saw and felt at the moment.

God can handle our emotions. If you are stressed, TELL HIM. If you are overwhelmed, TELL HIM. If you are anguished, TELL HIM. If you are struggling in your faith, TELL HIM. 

God will not be upset with you because you are anything other than happy and joyous. 

Feel what you feel. Ask Him to be with you and to help you handle your emotions in a manner that glorifies Him. ❤️

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