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I reread Genesis 39 this morning. For those who haven’t read it, Joseph was taken to Egypt by the Ishmaelite traders and sold to an Egyptian officer (Potiphar). There he served in the home of Potiphar. We would think that Joseph would be angry or feel like God had abandoned him, but he wasn’t. At least the text did not state that he was. Anyway, Joseph did not allow his current circumstances to cause him to doubt God. Joseph made the best of where he was and worked well, so well that Potiphar noticed his work ethic and gave him complete responsibility/control over everything he owned.

The text says that Joseph was well-built, so I take it that Joseph was “fine fine.” One day (and several days after the first time), Potiphar’s wife (with her trifling self 🤣) started feeling Joseph and tried to seduce him to have sex with her. Joseph (he probably was a little tempted 😂🙄) refused and said, “How could I do such a wicked thing? It would be a sin against God?”

Stay with me...I’m going somewhere with this.

Long story short, Potiphar’s wife, hurt from rejection (smh), lied to her husband and said Joseph tried to rape her. Joseph was thrown in jail. In jail, Joesph found favor with the warden and warden gave Joseph complete control over everything, just as Potiphar did.

Here is where I am going...

Stop trying to defend yourself...stop trying to defend your name...stop trying to defend your reputation. When you know you have done right by certain people and by God, BE QUIET! Let people think what they want and accept the “consequences” that they “think” they are giving you! (Catch that) See, some people think they are hurting you, but really they are helping you! Because one thing is for sure, when your life honors God...when you treat His people how you are supposed to....when you do what’s right even when no one is looking....God is going to take care of you!

Someone is in the same shoes as Joseph...You’ve been lied on and accused of something you did not do or say and you’ve been trying to prove your case! God says, “STOP...Rest. I got you. Just trust me, I will VINDICATE you. Because your life and your actions glorify my Kingdom, you will find favor EVERYWHERE you go....EVEN down in the valley!”


Let this encourage you...❤️

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