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Are you a slave to your past?

Stop allowing past regrets, past let-downs, past betrayal, past struggles, past relationships, past friendships....interfere with the possibilities of what the future can hold.  When I moved to Memphis and started teaching at Kingsbury, I promised to never befriend or become associate with coworkers....simply because a PAST betrayal of a "coworker turned friend/associate" at my last job. 

As expected, I walked in with my guard up, ASSUMING that your coworkers can't be trusted...ASSUMING that any coworker who was "friendlier than normal" had an ulterior motive. So, I spent most of the time on a "hi, bye, and keeping it moving" deal. 

I started at Kingsbury in October (2014); in December(2014), one of my coworkers approached me about a taking a trip with her and couple other coworkers in March (2015). Immediately my PAST said, "Don't do it. Remember, your promise when coming. It's going to end just like it did at your last job."

I told her I'd think about it and let her know. Of course, I prayed about it. After getting the OKAY, the trip was booked and paid for a week later. 

Here it is March (2017), I have taken several trips with with coworkers...who I can now TRULY call friends. We have taken two cruises and have traveled to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, and we are leaving for San Diego next week. Just last night we had a girls' night/ sleepover. 

In these three years, there has not been any drama, fallen outs- just great times, many many many laughs, and awesome memories.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone isn't messy or full of drama. There are people with pure hearts, free of evil intentions. 

I said all of that to say- Listen, everyone doesn't want to hurt you or betray you. There are actually people who desire healthy relationships/friendships. Don't allow your past to make you ASSUME that everyone is out to get you. The wall you've built to keep the wrong people out also keeps the right people from getting in. I know they say those who truly want to be in your life will tear down that wall, but the truth of the matter is- Everyone doesn't have the energy to fight you to be a part of your life. 

We've all been hurt, we've all been let down, we've all been disappointed, we've all experienced some form of betrayal...THAT'S LIFE. You can allow your past to make you isolate yourself and be bitter or you can let it make you better and get out there and LOVE like you've never been hurt. 

Had I listened to my PAST, I would've missed making so many great memories with great people.❤

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