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Are you Successful?

In the picture below are two of three of my college degrees. Now, I also have an Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision. I aspire to be a principal one day. Many probably would say that I'm pretty successful huh?

And I agree-d one point.

To many people success means multiple degrees, a flourishing business, a nice home, nice cars, a husband, children, and money.

That's what success meant to me, too, and years ago, I was well on my way to success.

At least that what I thought anyway. I had a Master's Degree from a well-known university, working on a 3rd degree, had a husband, cars, in the process of buying a house, money, and traveling often. The only thing I was missing was my child.

I praised those "things" you see in that picture because I felt that, that they made me "successful." I felt that my education had gotten me to where I was.

Whenever someone said, "Tell me something about you."

My first statement, "Well I have two degrees from Delta State...."

I was a two-time college graduate! You couldn't tell me nothing!


Guys, the world has deceived us. We chase the money, the cars, the houses, the degrees, men/women, and all this other stuff that the world defines as success.

So, my dear friends, flee from the worship of idols. (1 Corinthians 10:14 NLT)

All of those things are nice; in fact, God wants us to be successful, but He doesn't want us to lose sight of Him.

Anything you worship and chase more than you worship and chase God, becomes your god.

Delta State was my god.

My degrees were my god.

Traveling was my god.

Money was my god.

My marriage was my god.

Everything was my god but God himself...

And when God sees that you have idols, He'll strip you of it all to get your attention.

So, he did just that. He took it away.

They worshiped their idols, which led to their downfall. (Psalms 106:36 NLT)

Here I am at 31, I don't have half of what I have then, but for the first time, I feel that I'm successful.

I have a genuine, growing relationship with God. God is my main entree and all that other stuff are just sides. So with or without the sides, my appetite is filled. "FULL"filment is found in God and God alone.

Now, when I'm asked, "So tell me something about you?"

I respond, "I'm God fearing...." and so forth.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still proud of my accomplishments because I worked very hard, but now God comes first in my life and I acknowledge Him in all things.

Let nothing or no one will stand in the way of you succeeding in Christ.

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