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Be Selfish

While I was out and about this weekend, running a couple of errands, I decided to take the Walnut Grove exit (which is my least favorite) to return home. Immediately, after exiting, I regretted it for the very reason that it is my least favorite. Traffic was backed always!

“Ugh”, I thought. “Another accident. Memphis drivers are the worst.”

As I sat in the barely moving traffic, pressing the accelerator and then the brakes what seemed like every two seconds, I finally approached the cause of the traffic pile-up. It was a wrecker service truck that had broken down. Ironic huh? The truck that is supposed to come to everyone else’s rescue had broken down...and had traffic piled up...(catch that)

In that moment, God spoke...

Sometimes we get so busy trying to be EVERY thing to EVERY one else that we neglect the one person who needs us the most- SELF. We become so attentive to the needs of others and running to their rescue EVERY single time they call, that we do not realize that we...ourselves... are coming apart, slowly unraveling thread by thread...or maybe, we do realize it but turn a blind eye to all the signs that we are running on empty. We go on carrying their “weight” along with our “weight” (and sometimes, it is heavier than their weight) until we “break down” that wrecker truck did...and then there’s a “pile-up...”

Are you that person? Are you one who feels that you have to constantly pour from your cup, even when it’s empty? Are you one who plays so many roles- mom, dad, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, associate, sister, brother, daughter, son, employee, business owner, prayer warrior, listening ear, lender, etc....but then, you neglect the role of self???

Read on...

It is perfectly okay to be selfish...yes, I know the word selfish has gained such a negative connotation, but just think? If you are not well, then you cannot be anything to anyone. If you never stop to rest, to replenish, then you are well on your way to a “break down” that wrecker truck did. Selflessness is such a beautiful trait, but being selflessness should not require you to take from you. YOU NEED YOU.

Listen, do not ignore the signs...take a break...and figure out what is it that you need? Do not lose yourself on the mission of helping everyone else to find themselves. ❤️

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