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This morning, I grabbed my laptop from my bag, plugged it in, turned it on, and just as I was about to start working, I received notification that my laptop needed to be restarted for updates.

I clicked the “Update Now.”

It started the updating process. Instead of sitting there watching it update, I decided to do some other things to make myself useful. About 10 minutes later, I walked over to the laptop just to check in. It was on only 2%. I’m like, “Oh my God. This is going to take forever. There were two projects I wanted to complete before my 5:30 a.m. prayer call.”

....but there was nothing I could do but wait, right? I couldn’t force it to move any faster and if I turned it off, I would’ve only restarted the process. I’ve done that so many times before. I watched it for another 5 minutes; it had only made it to 4%. At that moment, I gave up on the getting those projects completed before my 5:30 a.m. prayer call and moved those projects to tomorrow’s to-do list.

I walked away in frustration and allowed the process to run its course.

Stay with me. I’m going somewhere with this...

About 5 minutes later, I decided to check in. The update percentage had gone from 4% to 99% and as I stood there, it went to 100%, restarting and letting me know that all updates were finished and my laptop was ready for use.

My point?

So many times, we allow what we see with the natural eye to frustrate us and to make us give up...when we are unaware of what’s happening behind the scenes. Just because it looks a certain way doesn’t always mean it is that way. See, to the natural eye, it appeared that my laptop would take an hour or so update, but that was the farthest from the truth. To the eye, things were moving slow, but behind the scenes things were working much faster.

To you, the person who has been waiting for a while on that promise to manifest. I know to the eye, it appears that nothing is happening. It appears that you will be waiting forever. Because of that, you’ve grown frustrated and you’ve given up on the promise.

...but let me encourage you! Don’t let what you see in the natural distract you and make you doubt God’s promise. Get your hope back!!! We serve a God that can do things SUDDENLY. Time is not a factor or barrier to Him.

He can move us from the back of the line to from the front of the line SUDDENLY!

He can take us from bound to free SUDDENLY!

He can take us from the title of employee to CEO SUDDENLY!

He can take us from sick to healed SUDDENLY!

He can change our relationship status from single to married SUDDENLY!

He can take us from barren to a delivery room SUDDENLY!

He can take our business from just surviving to thriving SUDDENLY!

He can take us from living paycheck to paycheck to overflowed bank accounts SUDDENLY!

Don’t be discouraged by what you see! God is working behind the scenes for you! ❤️

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