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"...but I love it, God."

During my quiet time this morning, the message this image depicts dropped in my spirit. We are afraid to release that and who we know are not for us because our little to no faith does not allow us to believe that God has more for we hold on to those people and things...because in our minds, we'd rather have something, even if it doesn't amount to anything...because it's better than having nothing at all right? Wrong. So as I was saying...we hold that man or woman when God has clearly shown us that he/she is not for those random text and call buddies that you only text and call when you're bored and being attacked with the spirit of loneliness because you don't believe there's a woman or man out there that God has prepared JUST FOR YOU...or to that job that doesn't bring fulfillment because you do not really believe that God can blow your mind and bless you to work where your passion as I was saying...we hold on... the little girl in this picture....because we THINK we love what we have, but truthfully.... ....some of us are so unhappy and we're praying for God to do something NEW, but how can He when you refuse to release the old?  Oh, wait. I get it....we want God to show us the NEW before we release the old?....but nooooooo, He doesn't work that way. He wants us to trust Him. He wants us to operate in FAITH...and He says all we need is FAITH the size of a mustard seed...that's it. That's the size of the tip on a ball point pen. That's it! So, go ahead and release it; God wants to do something new. 

"Just Trust Me."- God  Lord, I thank you for not only using me to minister to others, but using me to minister to me. #SpeakLord #LordIHearYou

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