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...but what have you been instructed to do???

Transparent Moment (It's most of my posts seriously, this will bless you.)  As June 8th approached- the date I was scheduled to move "home", I'll admit- I became unsure...uneasy, wanted to change my mind several times...wanted to rescind my resignation at Kingsbury...wanted to contact the leasing office at my apartment to sign a new lease...wanted to cancel my U-Haul and storage reservations...ALTHOUGH I AM POSITIVE I HAD HEARD FROM GOD that He wanted me back at "home"...and even still, I was toying with the should I go and the should I stay. All I could think about was, "I am comfortable here"...but then I heard God say, "Being comfortable is okay except when you're comfortable, I can't do very much with you."  So, as I was saying, I became unsure...uneasy as my "move out" date approached. I kept asking myself, "What happened to the certainty that you've had for the last year? Moving "home" is what you wanted, it's what God wants for you, and it's what you've prayed for."...and I couldn't come up with an answer. So, I pushed my feelings to the side and decided that I was gonna go where God wanted me to go.  So, let me tell you how when your steps are ordered by God, distractions become plentiful. I interviewed at a charter school earlier this year, even before I interviewed in Sunflower County. It was a loooong interview process too. You have to do a meet & greet, a phone interview, an in-person interview, plan and teach a lesson, and a post interview. About a month after that process, I gave up on that because I had not heard from anyone. I thought, "Maybe I am not what they are looking for." As I was saying about distractions becoming plentiful- FOUR DAYS before I was scheduled to move out my apartment, I received a call from the principal of that school where I interviewed months ago, asking me to check my email for an offer letter. I checked it, and I stared at the salary, $5-,---.-- . I was like, "but God, this is more than what I have been offered in Sunflower County."

📷  Immediately, I heard, "Don't fall for the bait." So here I am, in Indianola, back "home." I start my new job here July 10, 2017. The salary at the charter school is more, but my salary in Sunflower County is still an increase from last year.


See, if the enemy can't get you off God's path one way, he'll go to the extreme. He tried to use money (his most used distraction) to get me to do the opposite of what God has told me to do. It may be less now, but it'll be more later. I trust God wholeheartedly. There's a reason I am here.  I don't know why God placed this on my heart to share tonight, but I know there's a reason. Whoever you are, do what God has told you to do. You may not see the benefit right now, but it'll pay off in the long run. Sometimes, you have to take a loss now to win LATER. Stay on God's path. That's where His grace resides. ❤️

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