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Cabinets and Drawers

I've been awake since about 3:50 this morning praying and spending time in God's presence. When I finished, I started cleaning and organizing the "stuff" in my cabinets and drawers. As I was cleaning and organizing, I realized that a lot of the contents in my drawers and cabinets were not being used, had expired, had collected dust, out of place, or just simply taking up space- CLUTTER! It's easy to end up with a whole lot of nothing when it's out of our sight- kept away in drawers and cabinets. (Catch that.)There was even something under my cabinet in my bathroom that I had when I first moved to Belzoni, 5+years ago. I'm in Memphis now. I've carried it to three new places. Shame on me. Lol  As I started throwing stuff away, the HOLY SPIRIT reminded me how important is it to be conscious of what we keep in our hearts and minds as well. See, people can't see our hearts and mind, so we can easily pick and choose what we want others to see. We dress things up, store away the things we don't want others to see or things we don't want to deal with at the moment, and display the "pretty picture."...but see, what happens is we end up with a lot of clutter that soon pollutes so many other areas of our lives. That clutter can also prevent God from moving in our lives and doing something new. 

Today, take a moment to get quiet before God and pay attention to what is happening in your heart and in your mind. Are you holding on to unforgiveness? Do you need healing? What do you need deliverance from? Do you need to release something or even someone? What kind of thoughts are you thinking? 

Clean out "YOUR" cabinets and drawers. Protect your "space" and make sure the contents there are God-approved and not expired, "dusty", out of order, or simply taking up unnecessary space. ❤️

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