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Yesterday, it rained here in Memphis for the first time in September! Earlier this week, while working out, I overheard the meteorologist say that this has been the longest drought in a while. He went on to add, “and it does NOT look like any is in the forecast any time soon.” (Catch that.) So when I walked out into the rain yesterday, it blessed me. While everyone else hurried to their cars to avoid getting wet, I walked slowly, and even when I made it to my car, I stood for a moment, admiring each drop that fell on me.

So many of us are in seasons of drought; we’re praying, we’ve remained faithful, we’ve sacrificed, we’ve done everything God has instructed us to do...but still, there is no rain, which has led to frustration AND because we are looking at our lives with our natural eyes, just like the meteorologist, we’ve said, “and It does NOT look like God is going to move any time soon.”

We’ve adopted the mindset that God has forgotten about us, especially when we see others being promoted, getting engaged, buying homes, starting businesses, receiving approval notices, etc, and then we start to wonder and even question, “God, when is my time coming?”

Let this encourage you...

God’s timing is perfect. Do not trade His timing for your deadlines. You may feel that you are behind according to your time, but God says, “You are RIGHT ON TIME according to mine.”

One of the worst things is receiving your “rain” before you possess the “bucket” to hold it. (Catch THAT!!!!) Your time has not come YET, because God is STILL preparing you! He wants you to be EQUIPPED to not only “catch” your rain but to also hold your rain...(PLEASE DO NOT MISS THAT). You do not want to be one who receives “rain” and then is forced into another season of drought because you were not prepared for it...

....and please know this- God is a God of suddenly! Just because it does not “look like” He is moving does not mean He is not moving. That which takes man 40 years to do God can do in 4 minutes! Do not let what you see in the natural distract you from the promise!

Your season of drought is coming to an end... in His timing! You keep praying...keep being faithful...keep sacrificing...keep being obedient, and walking in expectancy! At just the right time, the “rain” is coming! ❤️

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