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“Excuse ma’am, no, it’s this way.”

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite seafood spots. Every time I’ve gone in the past, I have been seated in one particular area of the restaurant, without asking. I don’t know why; it just has always happened that way. So, I’ve kind of adopted that area as “my space.”

So yesterday, I walked in and I was asked was I placing an order, picking up, or dining in, as usual. I told the host I was dining in. She grabbed the food and drink menus and proceeded to walk. Because of what I was used to, I automatically started walking to “my space.” She turned around and said, “Excuse ma’am, no, it’s this way.”

I almost objected, to tell her I’d prefer “my space”, but something stopped me and I decided to go with the flow. She walked me to a different area, showed me my table, and told me my server would be with me momentarily.

I thanked her and tried to get comfortable in this new space as I waited for my server, but something in me, wasn’t “feeling it.” See, “my space” is a bit more closed off and quiet…secluded. After failing to get comfortable, I made up my mind to tell the server, I wanted to move.

Stay with me….I’m going somewhere with this.

In less than three minutes, the server walked over, very friendly and polite, introduced himself, and asked for my drink order. I have to admit- I had never experienced that level of pleasantness since I’ve been dining at this restaurant. I mean, they haven’t been rude, but they haven’t been the nicest either.

When I opened my mouth to ask to move, I changed my mind again. I can be indecisive at time. I gave him my drink order and started browsing the menu, as if I did not know what I wanted because I order Combo B EVERY SINGLE TIME…with specific instructions they always seem to ignore but fix later.

He brought my drink back and asked was I ready to order. I gave him my order with my SPECIFIC instructions and he told me my order would be out as soon. While I waited, he checked in 2-3 times to ensure I didn’t need anything and as I looked around, he was also providing this same level of awesome service to the the other 3 tables he had. Long story short, my food came- it was the best it had ever been, exactly like I ordered it…for a change. In the past, I’ve always had to send it back because it was missing this or that. I AM PICKY. Not only did I enjoy my food, but I enjoyed the whole experience as well. It was new and different. It was refreshing. It was what I needed. To add, I had had an overwhelming morning. I love people who love their jobs.

And then check this, in small talk, I learned that he wants to write a book, so he may be a potential client as well.

Okay, here’s where I am going with this…

Sometimes, what we are used to is what keeps us from experiencing “something” new…different…refreshing, just what we need. We crave familiarity because that’s where we are comfortable, but sometimes everything we desire is outside of our comfort zones.

It’s in places we never thought to look.

It’s in my places we never thought we’d visit. Sometimes, we can think we know we want, when we truly don’t. Had I asked to be seated in “my space”, I would’ve missed the BEST service I have ever had…and a potential client.

Listen- it’s okay to “go with the flow”…sometimes. It could be God leading you to EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. Outside of what you’re used to is where you may stumble on everything you’ve always wanted. ❤️

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