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Front Camera

How many times have you taken your phone out to take a picture of something, you click on the camera icon, and somehow the camera is already on the front camera, rather than the back camera? Or maybe you take your phone out to take a picture and you accidentally flip the camera to the front camera?

It always looks weird doesn’t it? You get this magnified version of yourself that shows how many hairs you have in your nose, every pimple you have had since 5th grade, your double chin, your lips that need a little chap stick, and so on. If you are like me, your first response is, “Uuugggh. It’s on front camera” and you quickly flip the camera because it is not always the best sight. Lol You are just there, looking crazy, really crazy. 😂

You all know exactly what I mean. I know I am not the only one that this happens to. In fact, it happened to me this morning, and that was my exact reaction...probably even worse because I was just waking up...😂😂

Hmmmmmm...Go with me. I’m going somewhere with this. God used this to minister to me and oh how it blessed me.

It is so much easier to look at life through the back camera isn’t it? The picture is so so much prettier. The focus is not on us. We are not the subject at hand. We are not in the spotlight.

The toughest part comes when it’s “LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION” for us, when we have to flip the camera to see look at our faults, our flaws, our insecurities, to look at the mess we have created...but wait before we are ready to “see” us, we want to “fix” ourselves so that the camera portrays what we want to be seen. (CATCH THAT)

When the camera is on the “front camera”, it becomes very uncomfortable because there is no one else in the picture...but self. There is no one to point the finger at. There is no one to blame.

See, we are quick to want to flip the camera from the front camera because instead of dealing with self, it is so much easier to blame it on what mama did, what daddy did not do, the circumstances we were born into, the childhood we endured, who walked out on us, and so forth. As a whole, we have become comfortable with playing the “blame game”...because the more I point the finger at Jim, Sally, Jane, and John, the less time I have to look at myself...when in reality, we are the only responsible party, even if it means being responsible for our perspective about it, how we handle it, how long we hold on to it, or how we allow it to affect us.

See, the enemy never wants us to use the “front camera”...and he definitely never wants us to become comfortable with using it because he knows that with using the “front camera”, self-reflection starts, and with self-reflection, growth is inevitable...and yep, his goal is to impede our growth.

Hmmmm.....God said, “Flip the camera to the front, Erica, and take FULL responsibility for the person who is there. That is where growth starts.”

Was this just for me? Or was it for you as well? ❤️

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