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Get Through It...

*This post is shorter than usual, but I still wanted to share as it was put on my heart to...*

For two nights, we have been without power. I have suffered through the heat  (and anybody who knows me knows that I hate heat. I use my A/C year-round.) I have not suffered through the heat because I have to, but because I'm trying to teach myself how to deal with less than desirable circumstances. I could have driven home to my parents, my brother and my sister-in-law are in Southaven, several of my Kingsbury coworkers have offered their places, one of my Facebook friends even offered her place, or I could have gotten a hotel room. Instead, I have decided to stay where I am. I am not about to die, so I will be okay. Is it uncomfortable? Absolutely!...but sometimes, we need to be reminded. The things that we THINK are a given like food, shelter, clothing, air in the summer, heat in the winter, we tend to take for granted. We have been forced into thinking that we are not blessed if we do not have the big houses, fancy cars, and flashy clothes & shoes.  My point? We have to learn to deal with some things and get through it. While we are always busy looking for an escape route every time a difficulty occurs, God wants us to not only go through the process but also trust that the process is working for our good. This time without power has allowed my cellphone to die on several occasions and has allowed the TVs to be turned off. As a result, I have spent less time on social media, have not indulged in the Law & Order series, and have spent more time on my face seeking God. As I posted this morning, even the worst set of circumstances has good in them. Life is not so much about what happens to you; it is more so about how you respond. If you'll change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. ❤️

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