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For the past six or seven months, there has been road construction on Covington Pike here in Memphis. I used to think, "Man, when are they going to finish working? Nothing in the world should take this long."  Having one lane open in Memphis' traffic is frustrating and even more frustrating on the mornings when I changed outfits four or five times (😬)and left my apartment after 6:30 a.m. See, I remember Covington Pike before they started the work and it was fine- no potholes and the traffic flow was very steady. So in my mind, they should've left it alone, especially since it's a popular route for travelers who work. Why fix something if it isn't broken, right? If it's working, leave well enough alone. Well, yesterday, they finished one side. NOW (catch that), I understand what took so long. Instead of the two lanes that were there before they started have been converted into three lanes. The traffic flow was good before the work, but MY GOD, it is even better now.

As I traveled through yesterday and admired what they had done thus far, I reflected on all my frustrations over the past six or seven months. Before I knew it, I said, "Oh yeah, I like this." See, I had been complaining for the last seven months, and the construction was working in my favor. (Catch THAT!) 

Soon after "Trust The Process" dropped in my spirit. My point?

Sometimes, we reach a place of contentment and comfort in our lives. Yeah, everything is working just fine and everything is all good, BUT are we being stretched or challenged? Then, God comes along and shakes things up because He wants us all to reach our full potential and He knows we'll never get there in our comfort zones. So, we are pulled out our comfort zones. The pouting and whining start, "Lord, why? My life was good"..... know like Covington Pike was BEFORE the construction. 

Then, when we finally stop fighting against what God is trying to do, the work in us and around us start. Sure it's frustrating and uncomfortable, but if we'll TRUST THE PROCESS and go through it, it's going to work for our good...IN THE END. The life we thought was good before doesn't even compare to what God has in store for us. Like me, you'll find yourself saying, "Oh yeah, I like this." See, God doesn't just want us to live a good life. He wants to us to live the BEST life. 

Listen, TRUST YOUR PROCESS. Don't be afraid of your uncomfortable season. You can't see it NOW, but keep pressing in. Press and praise, praise and press...your way through.It's not happening to you, it's happening FOR you.

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