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No, it's not a good move. It's a GOD move!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

When I first started this job as Academic Coach, I hated it- I hated being back at home and in The Delta, I hated traveling to two schools, I hated not being able to work directly with children...and the list continued. I can be honest right? Soooo, yeah, I hated it. One day after work, I was on Shelby County's website reapplying for Kingsbury and preparing to move back. In the midst of reapplying, I heard God say, "Are you going to trust me or are you going to trust your emotions?" Then He gave me specific instructions. He told me to start declaring, "I love my job" every time those feelings of hate surfaced...and I did just that. Then He said, "This may not feel like a good move right now, but it is a GOD move. Trust Me."

...and between then and now things shifted. I've grown to LOVE my job. I love being back in the house with my parents and in The Delta. I get cooked meals, free car washes, and I get to save (a little) money. Then, I'm especially excited about the visions God has given me concerning ministering here. I love working at and traveling to both schools- it gives me time to collect myself when I've become overwhelmed- like a mini vacation sort of, and while I don't get the chance to work with children directly, I do get the chance to impact the lives of those who directly impact the lives of children.

You see the change of perspective? The job didn't change. I did. A lot times God isn't interested in changing our circumstances. He is interested in changing us.

...and I mean I really really LOVE my job now. One morning, my mom jokingly said, "Erica, in all my years, I've never gotten up excited for work like you do."

While we are focusing on what doesn't feel right, God has a greater purpose.

Let me encourage you. I don't know where you in your life or what you are facing, but tune out your emotions and trust God. His promises don't waiver. If He has led you to a place and now you're doubting if you heard from Him, be still and trust the process. Don't allow the enemy to attack your victory.Just as He spoke to me- this may not feel like a good move, but it is a GOD move...and when it is a GOD move, you cannot lose.

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