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Prerequisite for THE promise

Life happens to us all. None of us are exempt from some form of suffering. My suffering may not be yours and yours may not be mine, but we all have those days...those moments...those seasons that are draining, tiring, painful, and uncomfortable. The real issue is, "How do you respond to those times?"

Do you walk around, with your head down? Are you mad at the world? God? Do you throw pity parties? Are you making others lives difficult because your life is?  What do you do?  Life is only 10% of what happens and 90% of how you respond. So, you hold the power. You make your seasons 10 times worse than it really has to be when you spend time complaining, throwing tantrums, and focusing on and living in your circumstances.  Yeah, this may be a tough season, but please know that there is someone, somewhere going through and experiencing much worse. Please know that there is someone, somewhere praying for your circumstances. No, things may not be the best, but be honest- things are not the worst either. 

Instead of asking, "Why is this happening TO me?" Look at it as this is happening FOR you. Those tough times are necessary. They had to happen.  This reminds me of my Freshman year of college. I was told I had to take a remedial math course because of my low score on the ACT. I begged, screamed, and pleaded not to be placed in a remedial course. My reasoning was I did not want anyone to think I was slow.  The advisor told me, "This remedial math is necessary. It is put in place to prevent you from failing later." So this is to help me? My advisor replied, "Yes. It's allowing you to get the skills you need. It serves as a prerequisite for College Algebra." My point for sharing? Hmmmm, having to take and sit through that remedial course was disappointing and embarrassing to say the least, but when I got out of my feelings and starting looking at the course as help instead of harm, it became beneficial to me. In fact, it turned out to be what I needed.  The next semester, I passed College Algebra with flying colors...and check this, people who were not required to take the remedial math because they had the high ACT score, struggled, some even failed, but I did not, and it was because of that remedial course I fought against. 

Listen, this tough season is necessary. Stop fighting against it. It is a PREREQUISITE for the PROMISE. Change your perspective and go through it. See, the enemy thinks this is going to harm- decrease- demote you, but God is so strategic- He's going to use this same season to help- increase- promote you.  Be ENCOURAGED. ❤❤❤❤

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