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Proven Track Record

I have this cousin who borrows money from me all the time. That’s not me bragging or trying to bring embarrassment to him. Actually, I’m grateful to be in a position to help a family member and also that he has someone he can depend on.

No matter how many times he asks or how much he asks to borrow, if I have it, I send it immediately, without hesitation because he ALWAYS pays me back EXACTLY when he says he will…and this has been happening for at least four years. If he says, “Cuz, I’m going to send it back at 2:30 Friday”, my cash app is dinging at 2:30 Friday.

HE HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD…and he hasn’t failed to pay me back yet.

Stay with me…I’m going somewhere with this…

Just as I trust my cousin based on his TRACK RECORD, we, too, have to trust God based on His TRACK RECORD. So many times during our present storms, we forget our past victories. We forget the times we were stressing, didn’t see a way out, & all odds were against us, BUT THEN…God stepped in RIGHT ON TIME and turned it in our favor…just as we were about to throw in the towel, He brought all the pieces together…He connected all the dots.

So then my question is….

….why do we get in an uproar when another storm comes?…why do we start stressing and worrying when we find ourselves face to face with a battle that seems impossible to win?…why do we automatically claim defeat?…why can’t we look at God’s PROVEN track record just as I do my cousin’s and say, “I know God is going to come through because He came through the last time, the time before that, and the time before that?”


I don’t know what’s before you, but I want you to trust that God is going to show up! I want you to trust that God hasn’t left you to fend alone. I want you to trust that at just the right time, HE IS GOING TO DO IT. I know what it may look like and I know how it feels, but God is man of His word. Now is NOT the time to wallow in doubt and waver in your FAITH. Nope!!!

You’ve seen too many victories to accept defeat! ❤️

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