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I drank my last bottle of water this morning. I made a quick run to Kroger’s, picked up water, and proceeded to self-checkout. I finished scanning the water and selected “CASH” to pay. I inserted a $50 bill, and the machine rejected it. I rotated rejected it again. I turned it rejected it again. I ironed it rejected it again. I tried several more rejected it again. By this time, I’m frustrated. The attendant finally walks over after seeing me struggle. He tried rejected it again.

He said, “This machine always rejects $50 bills. I don’t know what it is about it.”

I, then, placed my $50 bill back in my wallet and was forced to use my debit card.

In that moment I heard this...

I don’t care how valuable you are, there are some people who will ALWAYS reject you. I don’t care how much you much you rotate your lifestyle for the much you iron (straighten) yourself out...or even this- how much somebody else tries to vouch that you are REAL...JUST AS IT DID THAT $50 bill, they will STILL reject you...but wait, there’s good news though- YOUR VALUE DOES NOT DECREASE BECAUSE OF THAT. It’s not you; it’s them. CATCH THIS!!!! 👉🏾 My money was REAL; the machine just did possess what it takes to discern that. Whew!!!! Read that again!!!! You are valuable!! You are as real as they come! You are whole and complete, lacking nothing. The people who keep rejecting you just do not have what it takes to receive you!

This $50 bill in my wallet STILL holds the same value as it did before Kroger’s machine rejected it...and you my friend, do too. Yes, you have been rejected, but you still have a are still beautiful...intelligent...talented...gifted...successful...and so forth.

Stop letting others decrease your value because they refuse to accept you! While you may not be for them; you are for someone. You fit somewhere. It’s not that you are not enough. God just knows that you deserve better. ❤️

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