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I don’t know if anyone else is like me, but I use my GPS even if I know where I am going; I like to know what time I’ll arrive. This morning, I was en route to work. In the middle of the route, the GPS rerouted me. Rerouting usually happens when you take a wrong exit, but that was not the case. I was following the route given “To a T.” When it rerouted, I hesitated for a minute and even thought about not following the but then, I took the new exit in the 0.6 miles as I was instructed to. Now, what was even more puzzling, the new route delayed me for about 8 minutes more than the usual route. Of course, frustration set in and I’m thinking, I know I should have followed my initial route, but I kept driving. As I continued, the arrival time kept increasing. I’m like, “Really????” I picked up my phone to text the principal and every time, there was a distraction. So I just threw my hands up and just accepted and embraced this NEW route and said, “Whatever happens, happens.” I arrived at work at 7:58, 8 minutes earlier than the arrival time stated...AND when I arrived at work, the parking lot was not as full as usual. I learned that there was a bad accident on 240 W (the route I usually take) and over half of my coworkers were stuck in traffic...and to jump forward, most did not arrive to work until 9:20. Wow. Stuck in traffic for a whole hour and some. Yikes!!!

My point?

Sometimes in life, things will be going smooth and then all of a sudden we will get “rerouted”. We won’t always like it nor will we always understand it, but we have to accept it and embrace it as God’s will. When we fight against it, we found ourselves stuck, going nowhere, feeling frustrated, feeling purposeless because we are traveling a route outside of God’s will. Just think, had I fought against that NEW route because the old was familiar to me, I would have, too, been “stuck”, going nowhere, in stand still traffic for over an hour. Because He sees what’s ahead, we have to trust Him. Yes, I know we like the familiar and like being comfortable, but sometimes the NEW...and REROUTES are for our good. Sometimes, God comes along and shakes up what we are used to, to get us to where we are supposed to be, when are supposed to be there...if we would trust His leading. ❤️

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