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Yesterday, I went to my usual Tuesday spot- Joe's Crab Shack. I walked in and sat at my usual booth and prepared to order my usual entree- The Orleans Pot. It comes with crawfish, sausage, shrimp, corn, and potatoes.  I looked through the menu. My eyes and tastebuds connected with The Rajun Cajun Steampot. It comes with the same as The Orleans Pot but instead of crawfish, it has crab legs. I thought, "Man I want crab legs, but I don't feel like wrestling with the breaking, cracking, and getting messy and dirty."

....and the crazy part is, I don't really care for Joe's crawfish because it is not as seasoned as the crawfish you may get from the guy on side of the road. I just get them because they're easier to eat. Not as much cracking and breaking like the crab legs, and I don't get as dirty and messy. So, long story short, I SETTLE for crawfish. 

So I sat there, going back and forth in my mind. The sweetness of the crab leg's meat weighed heavenly on my mind....but it's just too much a restaurant anyway. I'd rather be at home when I eat crab legs.

You can't be all pretty eating those. Lol

When my waiter came, I said, "Uhhhhhh let me get the Rajun Cajun." He said, "No Orleans today?" I replied, "Nope, I'm stepping out of my comfort zone."

We both laughed. 

There's a revelation in that. 

How often do we settle for what's easy because what we really want requires too much work? We'd rather stay with that, that we are comfortable with although it's not satisfying. I've been going to Joe's consistently for over a year now, wanting to order the steampot with crab legs. At one point I didn't know how to crack them and even after I learned, it took too much to get to THE MEAT.

Listen, don't give up on YOUR MEAT- your dreams, goals, and visions- because it requires a lot "breaking, cracking, and calls for you to get messy and dirty"...and requires you to step out of your comfort zone. You may endure sleepless nights , you may have to make many sacrifices, you may have to go alone, and you may feel drained and tired most times, BUT don't give up or settle for what doesn't satisfy you. Go get the MEAT God has told you, you can have. 

Faith without works is just like saying, "I believe you, God, but I'm not willing to put in the work to get it."

Roll up your sleeves, come out of your comfort zone, and work!

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