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About a month ago, when temperatures were below freezing, although the heat was turned up to the MAX, the building was still freezing. We called the maintenance team several times to check the boiler. Each time, everything with the boiler checked out perfectly. So we all drew the conclusion that since this is an old building, it was just taking a while to “heat up”.

A couple of days later, one of the technicians returned (I guess he had a and took the covers off all of the units throughout the building and in every classroom, and what you see in the second picture just about sums up what was discovered in the inside of almost every unit.

This is what I received that day...

A lot of times, on the outside (what you see in the first picture), this is our public life. We look good; we appear to have it together, doing good works - love, service, attending church every time the doors open, faith, patience, and so forth...

...but underneath the nice looking leaves and FRUIT (the clean, well painted unit covering), we are rotten to the core, polluted with all types of toxins, dirt from our past, trash that “people who were just passing through” *catch that* dropped in us and on us, contaminated with sin, unforgiveness...just plain filthy...(what we you see in the second picture.)

Until we deal with the ROOT, we may be able to produce, but anything that we produce will not last. It will always wither up and die, eventually. Until we deal with the ROOT, we will never be able to walk in the fullness of what we were placed here to do. Until we do with the ROOT, we will never operate in the capacity of our gifts...just like this unit, until it was cleaned, ridded of all this gunk, it could not fully produce the HEAT, the manner in which it should have been producing!

Holy Spirit, Speak!!!!!


Until we deal with the ROOT!!!

So, I leave you with this, WHAT IS UNDER THE COVERING OF YOUR UNIT? ❤️

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