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The Wait...Ugh...

Y’all remember Hannah in the Bible? She was one of the wives of Elkanah. Elkanah’s other wife was Peninnah. Hannah had no children and Penninah did...and Penninah, with her little mean and dirty self, taunted Hannah because of this. Penninah knew how badly Hannah wanted kids, and I can imagine how badly Hannah felt. The other wife (which I could not have dealt with- Thank God I was not born back then. Lol) had multiple children by THEIR husband and Hannah could not conceive even one.

Stay with me...I promise you I’m going somewhere with this....

Putting myself in Hannah shoes, I’m sure she often wondered what her purpose was and felt upset, embarrassed, worthless, frustrated, impatient, anger, and probably even envied Penninah and her husband’s relationship a little....or maybe a lot. I would’ve been all up in Elkanah’s face asking, “What you doing to Penninah that you ain’t doing to me?” 😂😂😂

Okay, let me continue...

...but you know what I love about Hannah, even with all these emotions she must have been experiencing, she never stop clinging to God and she never stopped praying that God would give her a child. Even with all these emotions rising, she still had FAITH. She knew God would do what He promised. If she didn’t believe it, she would’ve stopped praying... most of us do. Hmmmm...

See, when you are experiencing tough times is not

the time to run away from God but to run to Him. God cares about our emotions and what concerns us. Having emotions do not make Him upset. It is dealing with those emotions in an unhealthy manner- turning to temporary fixes, pretending we are okay, resorting to unbelief- that makes His heart grieves. He wants to hear about all our troubles, although He already knows.

Let me encourage you- you may not be like Hannah, waiting on a baby but whatever you are waiting on, I encourage you to keep waiting. I know how you are feeling and how frustrated the wait has been, but allow those feelings to push you deeper into God. Allow those feelings to make you cling to God even harder. People may be taunting you, mocking you, laughing at you, may think you are a fool to still be waiting, and may have counted you out, but you keep pressing into God...until the PROMISE manifests.

and you’ll be like Hannah one day, able to rejoice and be a witness to the world that God is ONE who does not lie. God eventually blessed Hannah with a child who she named Samuel who went on to be a world changer.

Trust God’s timing. If He is making you wait, He has good reason. Don’t trade God’s timing for your deadline. ❤️❤️

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