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There is a BLESSING in the BREAKING

Often times, we view broken things as things that are no longer useful. I know, in my own life, when an item breaks or no longer works or functions the way it did when I purchased it, I discard of it. In fact just recently, I trashed a massage gun I received for a birthday gift that I loved loved loved but the truth remains- no matter how great my love was for it, it is now broken. I no longer have a use for it anymore. What’s the use of holding on to broken things, right?

This morning, during my devotion time, I read about when Jesus was about to feed five thousands of people with only two small fish and five small barley loaves of bread. 

I have read this passage of scripture a thousand times in the past, but this morning, it resonated with me in a different way. It spoke a different language to me.

As Jesus took the loaves and BROKE it, the text says the bread was multiplied. Let me make this as plain as possible. When Jesus broke the bread, it did not become just halves, as it would have if we had broken it. The text says that when Jesus broke it, it MULTIPLIED.  Webster’s dictionary defines multiply as increase. 

Anytime there is an increase of something we desire, it is a blessing…so, there was a BLESSING in the BREAKING. LET THAT BLESS YOU. 

The text also says the more Jesus broke it, the more it multiplied and because He BROKE it, He was able to feed the multitude! 

Listen, there will be times in life where we will feel like that massage gun I spoke of at the beginning- broken, no longer useful, and thrown away.

And our feelings of brokenness will derive from different things- a broken heart, broken dreams, broken promises, losses, deaths of loved ones, failures, disappointments, and the list continues….

However, I challenge you to not view your broken season as useless, and I also challenge you not to allow your brokenness to make you bitter, resentful, or angry…because if I can be honest, it is very easy to drown in defeat and be made to feel that the story ends there. 

Let me encourage you…

Your brokenness is NOT the end; your story is still being written. As Jesus broke and MULTIPLIED the bread, your brokenness is a sign that God is not only about to MULTIPLY you but also everything that is attached to you. 

Do not view your brokenness as punishment. View it as preparation. God is setting you up to be blessed. 

The more broken you are, the more God is going to increase you AND your territory. 

The bigger the disappointment, the bigger the blessing. 

Yes, that brokenness intended to stop you, but God has the FINAL say, and God’s plan ALWAYS prevails.

If you persist in faith, God is going to use it to bless you. 

Yes, I understand; the hurt you feel is real…the pain sometimes gets unbearable…and there are moments when you feel that you will not make it out, but rest in God’s truth- 2 Corinthians 4:17- Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine.

The brokenness is temporary! The brokenness will NOT last! It has to end! The brokenness is setting you up for better and greater! 

There is a BLESSING in the BREAKING! ❤️

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