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THEY want to “kill” you...

Do you all remember Joseph, the son of Jacob in the Bible?

Joseph had been having dreams that he would one day be King. He was excited about the he should have been. He did what most of us do- get excited, then run and tell everyone what God has revealed to us.

Sooo....Joseph shared the dreams with his BLOOD brothers, who secretly despised him. They felt Joseph was favored more by their father, which held some truth...but Joseph did not have control over his FAVOR, right? Wouldn’t it have made sense to despise the father? Anyway, that’s another message. So as I was saying...Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers...

“His brothers responded, “So you think you will be our king, do you? Do you actually think you will reign over us?” And they hated him all the more because of his dreams and the way he talked about them.”

Genesis 37:8 NLT

They despised him even more after that and eventually made plans to kill him.

Awful right? His blood brothers?

“Erica, where are you going with this?”

I’m glad you asked...

Stop sharing your BIG dreams with small minded people. Everyone cannot handle the call that is on your life. See, it was not Joseph the brothers despised. Had Joseph been a “regular” person without favor and a major “calling” on his life, the brothers would not have been intimidated by him or jealous of him. It was the favor on Joseph’s life and where God was taking Joseph that the brothers wanted to kill.


People will go to great lengths to “kill” what God has placed on the inside of you.

...but as the story continued, the brothers’ plan to kill Joseph, failed. They sold him into slavery- so they thought. Joseph was taken into Egypt where He earned the FAVOR of the King there. The King then put Joseph in charge of the entire land.

Ha!!! That’s another message! -When God is for you, it does not matter who is against you. That will be my next post! I just love The Bible- written sooo many years ago but sooo relevant and timely!

It’s nothing new under the sun...❤️

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